SCHEDULE: 8.30 - 19.00


meeting children, having breakfast


Montessori classes: English and Russian languages


second breakfast cooked by children






nap time / calm activities (if no nap needed)




evening classes (art, music, Chinese / English)




supper, free play time


PRACTICAL LIFE: children learn how to take care for themselves and environment, developing life culture and independence; developing fine motor skills helps to prepare hand for writing, trains neuro connections and hemisphere connections.  

COSMOS - basics of geography, biology, zoology, anatomy, cosmos, shapes of land/water and more that we can face in the world is presented to children through Montessori materials, books and cards. Children make their books and encyclopedias, make a lot of art works.  

SENSORIAL DEVELOPMENT: many games which help to develop organs of perception: vision, hearing, smelling, touch, taste. Children get familiar with geometric shapes, colors, different textures, weights, make gradations, architectural constructions. 

MATH - starting with counting from 1 to 9 and understanding quantity which stands for which symbol to the basic understanding of the decimal system, undertsanding the role of zero then to four basic operations with numbers. It goes very easy and clear with Montessori materials.

LANGUAGES - Russian, English or Chinese: any language has oral and written expression and step by step it will be accuired by a child. Having experience of everyday communication in two languages (Russian and English) a child is absorbing speech naturally. Depending on the age and level, a child gets more or less language lessons a day (individually and in small groups) on vocabular, learning sounds and their symbols, writing and reading. Chinese language goes as extra curriculum. 

ПРАКТИЧЕСКАЯ ЖИЗНЬ: развитие навыков ухода за собой и окружающей средой, привитие бытовой культуры и самостоятельности; развитие мелкой и крупной моторики, подготовка руки к письму, тренировка нейронных связей между полушариями головного мозга.



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porrige, bread butter and cheese, warm drink 

11.00 SNACK

fruit salad, dry bread with cottage cheese, eggs: children make snack by themselves and serve the table

13.00 LUNCH

vegetable soup, fish or meat with side dish, vegetables, drink: tea or juice

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16.00 snack 2

cheese balls, pancakes, pies, fruits and drink

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18.00 SUPPER

meat/ fish with side dish, fresh veggies, drink



MON 16:00-17:00 Music (singing)

Children are listening to classic music, learning and singing Russian and English songs. Teacher shows different exersises for training voice through fun games. 

TUE, THUR 16:00-17:00 Art 

Children are presented different techniques and are told about different art epoques and they try to express their understanding on paper (or craft, or plastic, or tissue...)

WED 16:00-17:00 Music (theatre)

Theatre games, when children are listening to the music and play out fairy tales and stories. Twice a year (December and May) children show big performance both with singing and acting.

FRI 16:00-17:00 Chinese* 

Play activities with native speaker: children sing simple songs, count, learn how to pronounce polite phrases, getting familiar with Chinese writing, culture traditions. 

*only in school "Krilatskoe"

programme 8:30 - 19:00 60000 ₽ a month

the entrance fee is equal to a monthly cost and is taken once when signing the contract




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Natalia Konon

psychologist, preschool teacher,

Montessori teacher AMI 3-6 (2017)

Andrew Vorozky

psychologist, teacher

Montessori therapist and teacher (Diploma from Germany)

Miss Renata

English teacher, USA

Marina Oganesyan

music teacher

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Miss Jessica

Chinese teacher, evening assistant

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Miss Val

English teacher

Maria Sheveleva

psychologist, preschool teacher,

Montessori teacher 3-6

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